This presentation looks at seven specific steps that must be evaluated and determined to proceed clinically with appropriate dental treatment. It suggests a sequence of evaluation and treatment that considers the most important factors… “Global Diagnosis”, Aesthetics and Parafunction. You will learn specific steps for case workup and treatment plan development on diagnostic models, along with specific steps for clinical application of that treatment plan. When following these steps, you will understand:

  • How to develop a functional and aesthetic treatment plan on diagnostic models
  • Clinical steps for simple and complex restorative treatment
  • What determines VDO and when should it be altered?
  • Risk Factors- what are they and how does it affect restorative outcomes?
  • Envelope of Parafunction- what patterns of occlusion exists and which are least predictable?
  • Incisal Edge Position- how does this position affect aesthetics and occlusion?
  • Correct Tooth Proportion- what factors constitute aesthetics and what are ways to alter/test it clinically?
  • Which segment is treated first and why?
  • Lab Communication- how do we ensure we receive a predictable result from our technician?
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