A Revolution in Provisional Fabrication and Alteration of Permanent Restorations

This 1 1/2 day hands-on course is designed to give the clinician, assistant and technician insight and use of new clinical techniques and materials for provisional, intermediate and permanent restoration fabrication and alteration.

Fabrication of Bisacryl or Composite Shell Overlays for Provisional, Intermediate and Final Restorations

This course reveals fast and easy techniques for wax-up and stint fabrication along with techniques for quick fabrication of composite shell overlays. These shell overlays can be utilized as provisional restorations, as intermediate restorations, or as permanent direct bonded final restorations. These techniques will drastically reduce workload and time of treatment while predictably improving outcomes. A new intermediate restorative material is described along with techniques for using the shell overlays for testing vertical dimension, occlusal, aesthetics, and for utilization when structural integrity for conventional crowns is minimal. You will also learn how to use this technique for development of beautiful core fillings that may reduce the need for provisional crowns. These are practical clinical techniques that can revolutionize your practice!  You will learn:

  • A revolutionary technique to fabricate provisional restorations, cores and direct bonded restorations
  • How to refine a diagnostic wax up or a preoperative model to depict realistic     anatomy and contours using a Rapid Waxer
  • How to make a stint for Shell Overlay provisional restoration fabrication
  • How to fabricate a “Restorative Shell” that can be easily adapted to make changes in aesthetic and functional positions
  • About new composite and bis-acryl materials for provisional restoration fabrication
  • About new materials for intermediate restorations
  • How to use composite shell overlays for testing vertical dimension
  • How to reline this “life-like shell” to prepared teeth with marked reduction in fabrication time
  • How to correct provisional marginal discrepancies
  • How to use composite shell overlays for direct bonding of incisal edges
  • How to use composite shell overlays for structurally compromised teeth
  • How to contour and polish your overlay provisional restoration to a stunning finish

Oh My, Oh MIYO

Utilizing MIYO for Easy Alteration of Color, Contacts and Contours of Zirconia, Lithium Disilicate and Feldspathic Porcelain

This course gives insight into simple techniques and new materials that allow chair side alteration of color, contacts and texture on contemporary restorative materials. Using MIYO, you will learn how to change color, add contacts, change contours and modify texture. The use of a porcelain oven with low firing temperature materials will open an entire new level of satisfaction with your final restorations. You will modify supplied zirconia restorations and learn just how easy it can be to add incisal length, alter occlusal contours, increase or decrease chroma and alter translucency on monolithic materials. Using these materials in your everyday practice will transform your clinical outcomes. You will learn:

  • How to apply MIYO to anterior and posterior restorations
  • How to prepare a restoration for alterations
  • How to use a porcelain oven for simple restoration alterations
  • Proper firing schedules for low fusing MIYO
  • How to easily and quickly add interproximal contacts on most final restorative materials
  • How to easily add/fire contours to final restorations using MIYO Structure
  • How to easily add incisal edge length and alter occlusion
  • How to dramatically customize color on final restoration with the ability to increase/decrease translucency, chroma and value on monothitic restorations
  • How to easily alter final restoration texture and glaze
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