Tipping Points that Motivate Change and Identify Meaning in Your Business and in Your Life

This is one of the most dynamic, inspirational and motivational seminars offered for the entire team. You will laugh, bend your mind, think deep and be refreshed. Stories, experiences and life lessons are presented in a way that it will elevate you and your team with purpose and meaning. You will have insight into the "stuff" that gives the practitioner focus to improve the culture of your business. Dr. Fling’s intense energy and passion will allow you to consider the following:

  • Learn the 3 factors that every doctor must identify for practice success
  • Understand how having clarity can elevate you to realize your dreams
  • Understand how a "blind" clarity can destroy your dream and your team
  • Is talent really necessary for success?
  • Systems run our business and people run our systems- which is most important?
  • Recognize the difference between cost and value of the treatment we provide
  • Learn the two primary reasons that people do what they do
  • Why it is important to understand that "it is not in the knowing, it is in the doing".
  • Learn the one secret that can motivate you to change
  • Understand the factors that contribute to practice and employee stability
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